My daughter did very well in kindergarten. I was very pleased with the start she had, which is why I came back with my second child.
The teachers make you feel like family. It is a very welcoming school.
Heard it was the best — it is!
The environment is welcoming and comforting. Most importantly, I was extremely impressed with the teachers and how many years they’ve been there.
The teachers were very warm to the kids and they offered a lot of fun things to do along with the academics.
My son was the most prepared child in his class.
My son was extremely prepared. Also, there were a few things he needed to strengthen the summer before kindergarten (at the suggestion of the teachers). I think he did better in kindergarten because of their suggestions.
Most importantly, my son learned to love school, which made the start of kindergarten 100% easier. He did not struggle with anything in kindergarten.
This has been the best experience. My daughter is extremely shy and sensitive. The teachers are so good with her. It makes me feel good about leaving her there.